About the Tournament


Ten teams making the world a better place through Starcraft

Some of the coolest people on the internet have gotten together to help Worldbuilders raise money for Heifer International. Teams will be participating in multiple rounds of a Starcraft tournament, with each team trying to raise more money than the opposing team; in each round, the team that raises the most money will be able to either select the map for their match, or know what races their opponents will be playing. 

This will be a 2v2 tournament with teams of Pat Rothfuss & Max Temkin, Cards Against Humanity, Acquisitions Inc C-Team, Waypoint, The Doubleclicks, Iron Galaxy, Geek and Sundry, House Theatre Chicago, Paul & Storm, Film Joy, and the McElroys. Each team has their own donation page set up as a part of the big annual Worldbuilders fundraiser, and people can donate as much or as little as they want in support of (or against, should they so wish) their chosen teams.

The tournament will be hosted by ___________ on the Worldbuilders Twitch Channel.

We'll be running the first two rounds of gameplay on Monday, December 4th, and the last two on Wednesday, December 6th. Help your team come out on top by donating - every dollar helps your team, and even better, every dollar helps families around the world pull themselves up out of poverty.

All the money raised through the Tournament will go to Heifer International, to help communities create sustainable means of bettering their lives. It's just an extra bonus that we get to have so much fun while making the world a better place.